LEVEL: Advanced - assembler skills required

Full Course.
Advanced Malware Analysis Techniques

The main focus of the course is advanced static analysis because for cybersecurity incidents involving previously unseen malicious code, this is the most reliable way to determine functionality of the code and find actionable artefacts. It allows organizations affected by APTs to define adequate damage assessment and incident response.
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Igor Kuznetsov
Director, Global Research & Analysis Team (GReAT)

Training objectives

Analyze modern complicated code samples, from receiving the initial artefact, all the way to producing a technical description of the attacker’s TTPs with IOCs
Produce static decryptors for real-life scenarios and then continuing with in-depth analysis of the malicious code
Analyze malicious documents that are typically used to deliver initial payloads and know how to extract them
Ensure damage assessment and incident response efforts are accurate and effective

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