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Cybersecurity for Executives Online

Cyber-risks impact the effectiveness of business thus it is essential to understand how to manage these risks, protect staff and business from cyberattacks, make strategic decisions, assess risks and behave safely by applying the rules of cyber hygiene.
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Course leaders

Eugene Kaspersky
Chief Executive Officer of Kaspersky
Igor Kuznetsov
Director, Global Research & Analysis Team
Ivan Kwiatkowski
Security Researcher

Victor Chebyshev
Security Researcher
Yuliya Novikova
Head of Security Services Analysis
Lavinia Rossi
Head of Enterprise Sales

Chris Connell
Managing Director, APAC

Genie Gan
Head of Public Affairs, APAC & META

Andrey Suvorov
Head of KasperskyOS 

Vasily Bushmarin
Senior Product Trainer
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Training objectives

Get an overview of cybersecurity as a system
See how cyber risks affect businesses and how they can be managed
Understand the role of executives in cybersecurity
Delve into the principles of cyberattacks and attacker tools
Explore how to protect yourself, your personnel and your company from cyber attacks
Discover the steps you need to take if a cyberattack occurs
Gain an overview of cyber-immunity and the emerging trends in cybersecurity as an industry
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Help & support

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