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Windows Incident Response

Are you looking to improve the expertise of your in-house digital forensics and incident response team? Or do you want to train yourself to identify the complex attacks?

Our course brings you concentrated knowledge from the company’s Global Emergency Response Team (GERT) experts.
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Ayman Shaaban
Digital Forensics &
Incident Response Manager

Ayman joined Kaspersky in 2014 as a security researcher and member of GERT. Currently, Ayman works as DFIR manager in GERT. He started his cyber security career in 2009. During his career, he has participated in building digital forensics labs and providing response and analysis for cyber incidents in different industries.
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Kai Schuricht
Senior Incident
Response Specialist

Kai started his career in the information security domain in 2010 as a security consultant and joined GERT in 2016 as an incident response specialist. Throughout his career, he has been involved in building digital forensic labs and providing responses to different variants of cyber incidents around the world.