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Security Operations and Threat Hunting

Big companies with complex IT infrastructure need to protect it – or face the consequences of being compromised.

Sophisticated attacks can bypass automatic defense unnoticed. Here’s where Security Operations Center (SOC) comes to the rescue, bringing expertise and skills of its professionals for better protection.

Developed by Kaspersky’s own SOC experts, this course offers a comprehensive training to SOC analysts and other staff dealing with security operations.

During the time on the course, you will get to know the diverse roles within a SOC, its services and use cases, get acquainted with the modern attack tactics, techniques, and procedures, and learn how SOC helps deal with them. At the numerous extensive practice sessions in the perimeter restricted areas of the virtual labs, you’ll get an opportunity to develop your skills in incident detection and investigation.
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Roman Nazarov
Head of Kaspersky SOC Consulting

At Kaspersky SOC Consulting, he focuses on a complex approach that includes all areas of SOC/MSS/CERT design and architecture, establishing operations and development planning. Roman is an acknowledged professional holding certificates like CISSP, CISM, CISA, GNFA, GCIH.
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Dmitriy Uchakin
Kaspersky SOC Analyst & Researcher

Dmitriy joined Kaspersky in 2019 and now performs real-time investigations of detected threats and the analysis of fresh APT threats that were observed around the globe. Dmitriy is responsible for the optimization of SOC operations and contributes to Kaspersky SOC’s Threat Hunting activities, like the creation of TH hypothesis, hunting for malicious indicators and converting successful cases into new threat detection rules.
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Sergey Soldatov
Head of Kaspersky SOC

Sergey is the Head of Kaspersky SOC, responsible for internal SOC activities at the company as well as external managed detection and response and Compromise assessment services. Sergey is a certified information systems security professional CISSP, OSCP and auditor CISA.

Training objectives

Understand the structure of Security Operation Center as a part of security defense services
Be able to plan and organize security monitoring in the enterprise
Use different threat intelligence sources to find new advanced threats
Detect and investigate malicious activity in Windows and Linux infrastructures based on attacker’s tactics, techniques and procedures
Learn threat hunting infrastructure based on ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana)

Help & support

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